Queens ipa新特性

1、Add 'vendor' and 'product' fields to interfaces data for future use in Ironic Inspector.  将“供应商”和“产品”字段添加到将数据接口供将来在Ironic Inspector中使用  2、Adds an extension to support rescue mode for a CoreOS-based ramdisk using DHCP for the tenant network、  增加了一个扩展来支持使用基于CoreOS的ramdisk的救援模式租户网络的DHCP、  3、Adds a new optional NUMA topology collector named ``numa_topology``.   It collects NUMA specific RAM, CPU and NIC information.   添加名为``numa_topology``的新的可选NUMA拓扑收集器。它收集NUMA特定的RAM,CPU和NIC信息  4、Adds new PCI devices collector named "pci_devices" to inspector module   添加名为“pci_devices”的新PCI设备收集器到inspector 模块  5、Add new 'system_vendor' information to data - Add hardware vendor    information(product name, serial number, manufacturer) to data.    This will be able to give Ironic Inspector hints to detect driver.   向数据添加新的'system_vendor'信息 - 添加硬件供应商信息(产品名称,序列号,制造商)到数据。  6、Add support for partition images in IPA. his commit adds the ironic-lib as the requirement for the IPA package.   在IPA中添加对分区映像的支持  7、Add a new cleaning step called "erase_devices_metadata" to the generic    hardware manager which is responsible for destroying the metadata    on the disk devices (partition tables, signatures, file-system    identifications, etc...).    向通用hardwaremanager添加一个名为“erase_devices_metadata”的新清洁步骤负责销毁元数据的硬件管理器  8、During inspection wait only for a PXE booting NIC to get its IP by default,Introduce a new "inspection_dhcp_all_interfaces" option to enable waiting    for all interfaces instead   检查期间,仅等待PXE引导NIC默认获取IP,引入一个新的“inspection_dhcp_all_interfaces”选项来启用等待代替所有接口  9、Ironic Python Agent now correctly detects its IPv6 address,if communicating with ironic over IPv6. This address is also wrapped in square brackets if the address being advertised is IPv6    Ironic Python Agent现在可以正确检测到它的IPv6地址  10、Debug logging can now be enabled by setting "ipa-debug" kernel parameter.   可以通过设置“ipa-debug”内核参数来启用调试日志记录  11、Limits the memory usage of ``qemu-img convert`` command to 1 GiB to    prevent it from causing the host machine to fail due to not enough RAM     将“qemu-img convert”命令的内存使用限制为1 GiB 防止由于内存不足导致主机发生故障  12、Switched to ``lshw`` for memory configuration and system information collection    when using the default hardware manager. This information can now be retrieved    on both DMI capable and OpenFirmware capable systems. ``dmidecode`` is no longer    used by the default hardware manager.     切换到``lshw``进行内存配置和系统信息收集当使用默认硬件管理器时。 这个信息现在可以被检索,在支持DMI和支持OpenFirmware的系统上。 ``dmidecode``不再     由默认的硬件管理器使用。      The default hardware manager is now capable of collecting memory configuration    and system information on OpenFirmware (PowerPC) capable systems, in addition    to the already supported DMI (x86 and ARM) capable systems.     默认的硬件管理器现在能够收集内存配置以及OpenFirmware(PowerPC)系统的系统信息到已经支持的DMI(x86和ARM)系统        ``lshw`` is now a dependency of the default hardware manager.     `lshw``现在是默认硬件管理器的依赖。  13、 Use new Ironic agent API (added in API version 1.22) when it's available.     可用时使用新的Ironic agent API 1.22  14、Adds DHCP network support for TinyIPA. This support is required for    rescue feature when used with TinyIPA.      添加TinyIPA的DHCP网络支持。 此支持是必需的与TinyIPA一起使用时的救援功能。  15、When building the TinyIPA ramdisk, it is now possible to enable SSH    access to it.    构建TinyIPA ramdisk时,现在可以启用SSH访问它