Windows平台下,Scrapy Installation,安装问题解决

按理说直接:pip install scrapy就可以成功,但是出现了错误“libxml/xpath.h: No such file or directory”“error:failed with exit status 2”(百度上有很多解决方案而且大多相同,但是都没解决我的问题)最后还是上官网找解决方法: is written in pure Python and depends on a few key Python packages (among others):
  • lxml, an efficient XML and HTML parser
  • parsel, an HTML/XML data extraction library written on top of lxml,
  • w3lib, a multi-purpose helper for dealing with URLs and web page encodings
  • twisted, an asynchronous networking framework
  • cryptography and pyOpenSSL, to deal with various network-level security need
  • 然后就按着上面的一个一个包下载(因人而异)如果没有安装Wheel 要先安装:pip install wheel我只是lxml没有,所以我就只通过:pip install lxml==3.4.2得到安装包lxml-3.4.2-cp27-none-win32.whl 安装lxml成功!(这里再说一下我之前因为用命令总安装不成功,就想着直接下.whl文件再安装,但总是下错版本,所以如果上面这个版本你用不了,可以去)最后就可以愉快地:pip install scrapy安装成功!