第一步:创建备份文件存储目录create or replace directory back_file as 'D:appyangxfback_or_memery_file';create or replace directory 目录名 as 'D:appyangxfback_or_memery_file';第二步:创建表空间create tablespace BASE_DATA datafile 'D:appyangxforadatabase_tablespaceBASE.dbf' size 100M autoextend on next 50m;create tablespace 表空间名(与备份文件表空间一致) datafile 'D:appyangxforadatabase_tablespace备份文件名.dbf' size 100M autoextend on next 50m;第三步:创建备份文件用户,指定表空间create user BASE identified by BASE default tablespace BASE_DATA;create user 用户名 identified by 密码 default tablespace 表空间名;第四步:授权用户读写备份文件目录grant read, write on directory back_file to BASE;grant read, write on directory 存储目录名 to 用户名;第五步:执行导入语句impdp system/root@orcl directory=back_file dumpfile=BASE.DMP full=y;impdp 用户名/密码@实例名 directory=目录名 dumpfile=到导入的文件名.DMP full=y; 备注:删除用户下所有对象drop user JCSJ cascade;drop user 用户名 cascade;删除表空间drop tablespace JCSJ_DATA including contents and datafiles;drop tablespace 表空间名 including contents and datafiles;超级管理员登录sqlplus sys/root@orcl as sysdba;sqlplus 用户名/密码@实例名 as sysdba;