AMAZON SNS(一)Serverless Lambda Send Message to SNS

AMAZON SNS(1)Serverless Lambda Send Message to SNS
AMAZON SNS(1)Serverless Lambda Send Message to SNS

I will need AWS-SDK to send message to SNS
> npm install aws-sdk

It will put the dependency there
"dependencies": {
    "aws-sdk": "^2.224.1"

I create a SNS Topic manually first, named meeting-clientapi-int-crud
I create a SQS named meeting-cssgateway-int-crud it will subscribe from that SNS

Try to Install webpack
> sudo npm install webpack-cli
> sudo npm install webpack

But I still get the information as follow:
> webpack --version
The CLI moved into a separate package: webpack-cli
Would you like to install webpack-cli? (That will run npm install -D webpack-cli) (yes/NO)
It needs to be installed alongside webpack to use the CLI

> sudo npm i -D webpack-cli
> sudo npm i -g webpack-cli

> webpack --version

The global webpack version is too latest
> webpack
Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialised using a configuration object that does not match the API schema.
- configuration.entry should be one of these:
   object { : non-empty string | [non-empty string] } | non-empty string | [non-empty string] | function
   -> The entry point(s) of the compilation.
    * configuration.entry should not be empty.
      -> Multiple entry bundles are created. The key is the chunk name. The value can be a string or an array.
    * configuration.entry should be a string.
      -> An entry point without name. The string is resolved to a module which is loaded upon startup.
    * configuration.entry should be an array:
      [non-empty string]
    * configuration.entry should be an instance of function
      -> A Function returning an entry object, an entry string, an entry array or a promise to these things.
- configuration.module has an unknown property 'loaders'. These properties are valid:
   object { exprContextCritical?, exprContextRecursive?, exprContextRegExp?, exprContextRequest?, noParse?, rules?, defaultRules?, unknownContextCritical?, unknownContextRecursive?, unknownContextRegExp?, unknownContextRequest?, unsafeCache?, wrappedContextCritical?, wrappedContextRecursive?, wrappedContextRegExp?, strictExportPresence?, strictThisContextOnImports? }
   -> Options affecting the normal modules (`NormalModuleFactory`).

I will roll the global one to webpack 3
> sudo npm uninstall -g webpack
> sudo npm uninstall -g webpack-cli

> sudo npm install -g webpack@^3.6.0

> webpack --version

Still do not know how to run the webpack here. Ignore right now, check it later. Make the SNS work first.
Handler function send message to the SNS, I get the information from SQS which subscribe from SNS

import { APIGatewayEvent, Callback, Context, Handler } from 'aws-lambda';
import * as AWS from 'aws-sdk';

export const hello: Handler = (event: APIGatewayEvent, context: Context, cb: Callback) => {

  AWS.config.region = 'us-west-1';
  let sns = new AWS.SNS();

  let message = { name: "carl", send : "hello 1" };

    Message: JSON.stringify(message),
    TargetArn: 'arn:aws:sns:us-west-1:xxxxxxxxx:meeting-clientapi-int-crud'
  }, function(err, data) {
    if (err) { console.log(err.stack); return; }
    console.log('push sent');
    const response = {
      statusCode: 200,
      body: JSON.stringify({
        message: 'Go Serverless Webpack (Typescript) v1.0! Your function executed successfully!',
        input: event,
    cb(null, response);