Xamarin Crack

Inspired by To 'crack' VS Xamarin, take VS2015 xamarin4.2.1.62 for example:
  • navigate to %Program File(x86)%/microsoft visualstudio 14/common7/ide/extensions/xamarin/xamarin/
  • backup Xamarin.Components.Ide.dll
  • modify xamarin activation codewarning:
    1. decompile the assembly and edit and save it as described in inspiring post, or
    2. download modified assembly given at the end of this post, and skip its strongname verification on local machine
  • open your xamarin project and login in xamarin account
  • done
  • Warning: strongname verification skipping may introduce security risks, a fake assembly is able to execute if it takes place.Modified assembly:
  • Xamarin.Components.Ide.dll v4.2.1.62
  •   Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nvjn30d Password: kuef  note that this assembly is delay-signed, you have to skip its strongname verificationwarning to make it run.  To recover from backup assembly: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c1VsHBa Password: 1b0r, remove '.backup' extension name.