Migrating to WebSphere 9

Migrating to WebSphere 9Make a migration planRequirements
  • Migrate WebSphere profiles into the new WebSphere
  • Keep profiles' locations as the original path
  • Prepare
  • Install the new WebSphere
  • Setup variables
    At first, we need to record variables related to the migration.
  • set WAS_HOME_Old=C:IBMWebSphereAppServer set WAS_Root_New=C:IBMWebSphere9 set WAS_HOME_New=%WAS_Root_New%AppServer set Dmgr_Profile_Path=C:ProductprofilesxxxDmgr set Dmgr_Profile_Name=xxxDmgr set Prod_Cell_Name=xxxCell set Prod_Ear=xxx.ear set Node_Profile_Path=C:ProductprofilesxxxNode1 set Node_Profile_Name=xxxNode1 set DmgrHost=localhost set DmgrPort=8879 set DmgrUser=admin set DmgrPassword=password
  • Stop all services of the old WebSphere
  • MigratingOverall steps
  • Copy extension library
  • Backup source profiles
  • Migrate from source profiles
  • Move source profiles, we will create new profiles at same places
  • Create target profiles
  • Migrate to target profiles
  • Sync nodes
  • Some post steps may need
  • Copy extension libraryCopy old WebSphere extension libraries which are used by existing servers into the new WebSphere.echo Copy extension library copy "%WAS_HOME_Old%libext*.*" "%WAS_HOME_New%libext"Backup source profilespushd "%WAS_HOME_Old%bin" echo Create profile backup folders mkdir %WAS_HOME_Old%profilesBackup echo Backup source profiles call backupConfig.bat "%WAS_HOME_Old%profilesBackupMigrationBackup_%Dmgr_Profile_Name%.zip" -nostop -profileName %Dmgr_Profile_Name% call backupConfig.bat "%WAS_HOME_Old%profilesBackupMigrationBackup_%Node_Profile_Name%.zip" -nostop -profileName %Node_Profile_Name% popdMigrate from source profilespushd "%WAS_HOME_New%bin" echo Migrate from source profiles call WASPreUpgrade.bat "%WAS_Root_New%WSMigration%Node_Profile_Name%" "%WAS_HOME_Old%" -oldProfile %Node_Profile_Name% -keepDmgrEnabled false call WASPreUpgrade.bat "%WAS_Root_New%WSMigration%Dmgr_Profile_Name%" "%WAS_HOME_Old%" -oldProfile %Dmgr_Profile_Name% -keepDmgrEnabled false -username %DmgrUser% -password %DmgrPassword% popd Move source profilesecho Move source profiles rename "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%" %Dmgr_Profile_Name%_Old rename "%Node_Profile_Path%" %Node_Profile_Name%_OldCreate target profilespushd "%WAS_HOME_New%bin" echo Create target profiles call manageprofiles.bat -create -profileName %Dmgr_Profile_Name% -profilePath "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%" -templatePath management -nodeName %Dmgr_Profile_Name%Node -cellName %Prod_Cell_Name% call manageprofiles.bat -create -profileName %Node_Profile_Name% -profilePath "%Node_Profile_Path%" -templatePath managed -nodeName %Node_Profile_Name% -dmgrHost %DmgrHost% -dmgrPort %DmgrPort% -dmgrAdminUserName %DmgrUser% -dmgrAdminPassword %DmgrPassword%,-cellName %Prod_Cell_Name% -federateLater true popdMigrate to target profilespushd "%WAS_HOME_New%bin" echo Migrate to the deployment manager profile call WASPostUpgrade.bat "%WAS_Root_New%WSMigration%Dmgr_Profile_Name%" -oldProfile %Dmgr_Profile_Name% -profileName %Dmgr_Profile_Name% -setPorts useOld -resolvePortConflicts incrementCurrent -includeApps true -keepAppDirectory true -keepDmgrEnabled true -clone false call startManager.bat echo Migrate to the node profile call WASPostUpgrade.bat "%WAS_Root_New%WSMigration%Node_Profile_Name%" -oldProfile %Node_Profile_Name% -profileName %Node_Profile_Name% -setPorts useOld -resolvePortConflicts incrementCurrent -keepDmgrEnabled true -username %DmgrUser% -password %DmgrPassword% -clone false popd

    NOTE: There is another choice to use switch "-includeApps script", if in this case, we need to run the following command manually to install applications.
    cd /d "%WAS_Root_New%WSMigration%Dmgr_Profile_Name%"
    "%WAS_HOME_New%binwsadmin.bat" -f "install_%Prod_Ear%.jy" -CONNTYPE none -lang jython"

    Sync nodespushd "%Node_Profile_Path%"bin rem node agent disablement reversal if exist "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml_disabled" ( echo Node agent disablement reversal rename "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml" serverindex.xml_nonagent rename "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml_disabled" serverindex.xml ) echo Sync node call SyncNode.bat %DmgrHost% %DmgrPort% -username %DmgrUser% -password %DmgrPassword% echo Remove jsp built folders for /D %%i in (%Node_Profile_Path%installedApps%Prod_Cell_Name%%Prod_Ear%*) DO ( if exist "%%iWEB-INFclasses" ( echo Clear jsp classes "%%iWEB-INFclasses" del /F /S /Q "%%iWEB-INFclasses*" ) ) popd

    NOTE: default node agent is disabled, we need to enable node agent.
    NOTE: Removing jsp cache will avoid jsp errors during application initialize.

    Post steps of migration
  • Remove old Windows services of the product
  • Add new Windows services for the product
  • Reset any arguments whose values are related to WebSphere location in the WebSphere Server
  • Set JAVA_HOME if need
  • End
  • Uninstall the old version WebSphere

  • Remove the backup folders to save disk

  • %WAS_HOME_Old%profilesBackup %WAS_Root_New%WSMigration %Dmgr_Profile_Path%_Old %Node_Profile_Path%_OldFrequent IssuesNode agent failed to start
  • Symptom
    We can find following message is the node agent SystemOut.log file
  • com.ibm.ws.naming.distcos.NameSpaceConfigurationException: Missing host name info in bootstrap address of server "nodeagent" in node "<Node Name>".
  • Cause
    Node agent is disabled default.

  • Solution
    Enable node agent and sync node
    If there is a serverindex.xml_disabled file in the deployment manager configuration, remove serverindex.xml and rename serverindex.xml_disabled as serverindex.xml.
    Run SyncNode.bat from the node profile bin folder.

  • echo node agent disablement reversal if exist "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml_disabled" ( echo Node agent disablement reversal rename "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml" serverindex.xml_nonagent rename "%Dmgr_Profile_Path%configcells%Prod_Cell_Name%nodes%Node_Profile_Name%serverindex.xml_disabled" serverindex.xml ) pushd "%Node_Profile_Path%"bin echo Sync node call SyncNode.bat %DmgrHost% %DmgrPort% -username %DmgrUser% -password %DmgrPassword% popdReferences
  • Migrating, coexisting, and interoperating
  • IBM Knowledge Center - Troubleshooting migration
  • IBM Knowledge Center - Migrating a large WebSphere Application Server, Network Deployment configuration with a large number of applications
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